Catherine McCray is a

Catherine R. McCray is a highly sought after professional speaker and certified Christian development and success coach.   She provides encouragement, enlightenment, and empowerment for teens and women through public speaking, consulting, mentoring, and coaching programs. Birthed from a passion to serve, Catherine is the proud founder of The Dames & Damzels Project, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower girls in underserved communities. It also serves as an exchange; bridging the generational gap between women.

Catherine’s transformational work as a speaker has helped women develop self-worth, confidence, a healthier understanding of the power of their choice, life skills (coping & communication skills), successful relationships (mother/daughter, friendships, romance, etc.), and techniques to transition successfully into the next phase of their lives.

Catherine’s transparency and incredible insight has allowed her to gain the trust and respect of colleagues in her field and throughout the community. Catherine’s approach is a practical one – infusing principles of Christianity, making her stand out above the rest. Her personality brings the HOPE needed to move forward to greatness. Mentor, coach, speaker, wife, pastor, mother, daughter, friend; God has truly gifted Catherine with the goods to change the WORLD.

At the core of every coaching relationship is a continuum of the 3 “C’s”: Communication, Coping, and Confidence.

Life Coaching is truly my calling. For the majority of my life, I have heard things like “you have a wise soul,” or “when you say it that way, it makes perfect sense,” or “you are my voice of reason.”  I never knew that I could use what comes natural to help so many.  Life coaching is solution based, helping clients discover the greatness inside them and the best ways to show that greatness to the world.  Think of an athletic coach.  He/she doesn’t create the talent, but instead finds the plays that will best display the talent of the team.  At the core of every coaching relationship is a continuum of the 3 “C’s”: Communication, Coping, and Confidence. I’m not a magician…I can’t make bad things disappear; but, my job is to present a different perspective to help you get through the tough stuff and to manage it ALL (the good and the bad).

The mission is to be an established safe haven where tween/teen girls and women can find help navigating the trials, triumphs, and transitions of life.

My desire is that the relationships created with young girls and women would restore the confidence, charisma, and capacity needed to be phenomenal.  This restorative process will change individuals who will in turn birth a generation of greatness.


Motivational Speaking

With every engagement; Catherine seeks to encourage and empower individuals to seek change and live a transformed life. She is living proof that living a life of success is absolutely possible if you’re willing to do the work of transformation. Her compelling stories, probing questions, and straight talk gives her audience new perspectives and the hope needed to move forward toward success.

Workshops & Seminars

Catherine hosts and participates in workshops and seminars for leadership development, Christian development, and women and youth empowerment. Similar to motivational speaking, Catherine’s aim is to encourage and inspire. Workshops and seminars allow for creative activities that drive the topic of discussion, creating an unforgettable experience.

Youth Development

Founder of The Dames & Damzels Project- youth development focuses on instilling life principles, building character, confidence, goal setting, and action planning. These steps will create the pattern of success that will follow them to adulthood.


Personal Development Coaching focuses on building the best version of you!!! Life coaching is solution based, helping clients discover the greatness inside them and to create the best ways to show that greatness to the world. At the core of every coaching relationship is a continuum of the 3 C’s: Communication, Coping, and Confidence

Group Coaching allows clients to reap the benefits of one-on- one coaching while also being in a group setting. The group experience allows you to develop and work with peers and fosters a level of accountability to members of the group to do the work of transformation.

I am going to use EVERY gift and talent God gave me to build people up!

The Dames & Damzels Project

The Dames & Damzels Project is a group of women, ages 12 and up, who come together to grow from a shared experience.  Little girls need positive role models to see that success is possible.  Older women have experiences where they have gained pearls of wisdom that will benefit our girls coming up, saving them from unnecessary hurt and disappointment.  Connecting tween/teen girls and women restores the virtue of yesterday’s wisdom and reveals the inspiration for tomorrow’s vision.  Our resolutions for tackling today’s issues (sex, drugs, relationships, family, sexuality, etc.) emanate from Christian principles presented in a practical manner.  My generation can say “I remember my mom or grandmother telling me to pray about it”, or “God will fix it.”  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for this generation.  I want to bring Christ back into the remembrance of our girls…He is the key to living a transformed life!

The goal is to be
  • encouraged.
  • enlightened.
  • empowered.

Whether discussing the pressures of teenage girls or encouraging women to take a leap of faith, we all share a common desire to change. Whenever I speak, the goal is for the audience to be enlightened, encouraged, and empowered to transform. I welcome new opportunities, as my services are beneficial for several facets of the community including but not limited to: community women’s groups, public and private schools, shelters, transitional houses, other readiness/rehabilitation programs, youth groups, and church groups (conventions/workshops/retreats).

E3 To Live Free

It is natural to pen all that God has given me; journaling has been a form of expression for most of my life.  I have experienced so much in my life and I am sure that sharing these experiences will bless people to know that:


Coaching helps my clients tell their stories; my writing allows you to hear my story.  I write to inspire and to challenge your thinking, ultimately motivating you to CHANGE AND MOVE TOWARD BETTER!!!